Perfect visibility

Perfect Visibility







 I distinguish two types of physical contact with the mountain. 

The first type is the observation. Watching – the moment in which the only sense is sight. I am doomed to weather conditions, air transparency. I look at the top from a distance. I see it in its entirety. I rate shape, excellence, form. Emotions grow in direct proportion to the distance which separates me from the top. The farther away, the greater the tension. Soon eye contact is weakening, and sharpens the imagination … 

The second type is direct contact. For the beginning let us recognize the moment at which I begin to climb the slopes to reach the top. I can not already see the whole massif. With close proximity to perceive its components: plants, soil, rocks. Everything I touch, all I can feel it. The difference defeated altitude I estimate based on the perceived fatigue. I become part of the mountain. 

Perfect visibility it is work resulting from my experience of mountain hiking. I illustrate in it very different possibilities of experiencing this specific space. The object that I constructed may be hinder or shelter. Inside I left natural light, thanks to which “mountain” shone with the intensity depending on the weather conditions outside. An equally important element was huge (over 250m2), an empty space of the exhibition hall.