Map of the sky


Map of the Sky









Sky is probably the most democratic part of the landscape. It belongs to everyone, regardless of social status, religion, place of residence or education. Thereby the night sky, depending on the viewer, may be received at the purely aesthetic, symbolic (religion, mythology), can serve practical purposes (routing in shipping) and finally in itself be an object of scientific research. Similarly, the images of the sky performed using the tools that are an extension of our eyes like a telescope. Photographs of space made for scientific purposes, many also distributed in popular literature and on the Internet, quickly begin to function at the level purely visual – as beautiful paintings. In addition, they provide a powerful medium for fans of various conspiracy theories and pseudoscientific. Various possibilities of visual perception of scientific information, their interpretation, functioning in popular culture and influence on our knowledge of the world, are the starting point for the concept Map of the sky.

In my work I used a photo of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. It is one of the most famous four series reaching the farthest astronomical images taken in daylight by this device – shown on the objects are just off the Earth about 13 billion light years. These photographs became a breakthrough in space exploration, confirming among other things, the Hubble law (proclaiming the accelerating expansion of the universe) and the cosmological principle (the universe at large scales is homogeneous). Despite the scientific nature, pictures quickly left the elite, highly specialized environment and went to a wide audience. Beautiful, awakening the fantasy of images quickly gained iconic status. Work Map of the sky consists of dozens of buildings-samples. It has an open structure because the number of elements can potentially be infinite. Thus, the shape and size of installation is never final. The shapes of individual samples are inspired by scientific models, architecture and design of unrealized projects.