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And else





Curatorial Texts

And else – In an installation tailor-made for the average Pole, Kornel Janczy further develops his interest in patterns representing topographical features on maps. Fascinated by translating natural forms into the artificial language of notice and report, the artist discovered vast possibilities in deriving abstract shapes therefrom. But some hardly positive connotations have been drawn as well: border, standardisation and generalisation.

Inspired by the cartographic grid, And Else displays the artist’s ironic attitude to ridiculous situations resulting from implementing reasonable rules too often and too literally. The artist plays with the need for classification and order, uncovering and ridiculing it. The average visitor, whose eyes remain at the national average eye level, will face an obstacle that, although not preventing him or her from exploring the space, will successfully impede it. The artist makes an unnatural distinction between the “average” and “else”, the ones deviating from the model. This leaves open the questions if it is good to be ordinary and if the ordinary even exist.

Krzysztof Siatka, curator