Świat (World), Centre for Contemporary Art Uzajdowski Castle, Warsaw, 2014


Świat (World), Centre for Contemporary Art Uzajdowski Castle, Warsaw, 2014




Curator: Marcin Krasny


Kornel Janczy’s best known work thus far is “Sun in the Mountains.” This reconstruction of a three-dimensional model for Japanese woodcuts, depicting a sunset or romantic European photographs from trips to the Alps, was wonderfully simple: a red sphere immersed in a mound of flour. In it, the sun resembled a big bloody yolk prepared for kneading a cake. In this one implementation, the artist’s tendency to concise and often witty recognition of patterns of perception, categorization and the organization of space, the macro and micro level, are clearly evident. As the artist wrote himself: “My works resemble parascientific models. I combine an objective calculation, simple, restrained forms often limiting themselves to basic geometric shapes with naivety, sentimentality and romanticism.”

The show at the CCA will consist of a collection of small objects, ranging from Giewont figurines, a conveyance of the popular imagination about the most famous mountain in Poland into physical reality through an acrylic painting of a hole (!) and polystyrene planet, and ending on a map divided discordantly with fixed expectations in the mass collective imagination in the sphere of affluence, wealth and prosperity. All the works derive from cycles created independently from of one another and at different times.

Marcin Krasny